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How many times have you gone to a restaurant and selected your perfect glass of wine. But, when the server comes to the table they are sorry to inform you that wine is only offered by the bottle. You probably opted not to buy the whole bottle and went with a different glass that wasn’t as appealing. Park City Club understands your struggle, that’s why we offer Coravin pours for many of our higher dollar bottles. Using a Coravin allows us to pour bottles of wine without removing the cork. This enables us to provide you with more glass selections without tampering with the quality of the wine. Oxygen robs wine of the freshness that we guarantee in each of our glasses, that’s why we use Coravin pours.

After 23 prototypes, the Coravin was finally perfected and changed the wine industry. This stainless-steel contraption looks not unlike a small microscope incorporating a long needle. The needle is inserted through the foil and cork, allowing as much or as little wine as you like to flow through the needle. The extracted and the remaining space is filled with argon gas from a little replaceable cylinder screwed into the system. When the needle is extracted, the springy cork reseals itself and the only trace that remains is a little pinprick in the foil.

The Coravin Wine System is the first and only tool that lets you access, pour and enjoy wine from the bottle, all without pulling the cork. By inserting the hallow needle through the cork and pressurizing the bottle with argon gas, any amount of wine can be poured, totally avoiding the introduction of oxygen, thereby preventing oxidation of your favorite bottle of wine. Click here to view our wines offered by the glass. Ask your server more about our Coravin selection.