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Posted: 12:26 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
By Vivienne Machi
Staff Writer
Allegra Czerwinski
Staff Writer

Chef Dana Downs may just have the secret recipe to making 580 Lincoln Park Blvd. a success with her new restaurant, Park City Club.

If you’ve visited Roost Modern Italian, Downs’ upscale, delicious restaurant in the Oregon District, you can expect the same caliber of taste and creativity on Park’s menu, albeit with more familiar and classic options. Downs has said that she would like this menu to reflect the suburban surroundings of its Kettering home, and it’s true: You won’t see a butter poached filet mignon on this menu, but you’ll get a classic cheeseburger — topped with prosciutto.

We visited Park for its soft opening last Saturday, where they featured just a portion of its full menu, limited to starters, salads, two burger options and several pizzas, along with one dessert. But that didn’t stop us from ordering as many dishes as we possibly could: our kind server was initially skeptical about our ability to finish everything, but as we quickly passed dish after dish around, that skepticism turned to downright awe.

Park City Club opened for dinner Tuesday. It opens for brunch Sunday. Its regular hours will be Tuesday-Sunday.