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Posted: 12:26 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
By Vivienne Machi
Staff Writer
Allegra Czerwinski
Staff Writer

This limited menu certainly did its job as a sneak peek taste. But you don’t have to wait to indulge in the entire menu, as the Park is now open for dinner.


Don’t scoff off the cornbread dishes, especially because cornbread appears in several iterations on the menu, all delicious (see: Mac & cheese. See: Park Sundae). In this traditional Southern Louisiana dish, a rich and warm cornbread surrounds a bed of creamed corn with onions, peppers, jalapenos and fresh chives. The two combined in a bite is the right mix of homestyle cooking and sophisticated mouthfeel. Get this to split.


When Chef Dana heard that our already extensive order did not include the mussels, she insisted that we try them, and we were glad to oblige. Cooked in a white wine and Toxic Brew Company Hanger 18 porter sauce, the mussels were meaty and oh so rich, and the crispy yet tender Park potatoes were a welcome change to the typical fries that accompany mussels.

MAC & CHEESE, $4.5

We may never know the secret behind this mac and cheese, as it’s “chef’s recipe” but the cheese sauce generously coats penne pasta and is rich and decadent. The dish is topped with savory cornbread crumbs for some crunch.


The burnt carrot salad was a unique take on a familiar starter, and was particularly impressive. The carrots were charred to perfection, laid atop slices of avocado and coated with a balsamic reduction. The salad is topped with a carrot top gremolata and pepitas to add texture, and it’s served with creme fraiche.


What’s not to love about a thin crust pizza with a Parmesan bechamel sauce, topped with grilled chicken, gorgonzola, red onion, pine nuts, spinach and drizzled with barbecue? It’s a dynamic and flavorful pizza, with no one component vying to overpower the others. We’re not necessarily blue cheese fans, for example, but there’s just enough gorgonzola on this pizza to elevate, not dominate.


By the time we made it through the last seven dishes, it was truly a miracle that we had any room left for dessert. And we almost didn’t. But luckily, we found some space for the Park Sundae, and savored the vanilla gelato, stone fruit, bourbon sauce and cornbread croutons served festively in a Moscow Mule copper mug. Again, don’t knock the cornbread here. The crunchy, slightly sweet texture is the perfect vehicle for the gelato and fruit. You are highly encouraged to save room for this dessert.