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Dayton Business Journal

Posted: January 1, 2016 by Caleb Stephens

One of the rising stars in the Dayton’s restaurant scene is Dana Downs. Downs is the force behind the popular Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District. Now the chef has embarked on a new, and rather risky, venture. Downs just opened Park City Club in Kettering, inside a space that has seen restaurants open and then close in recent years. I made the short trek to Park and checked it out. Here’s what I found.

Situated along Lincoln Park Boulevard in the heart of Kettering, Park City Club occupies a first floor portion of an office building. The space — formerly home to The Tropics, Norton’s and Lincoln Park Grille — now has a jazzy feel, partially from the jazz music oozing from the speakers. The restaurant remains casual as the wait staff wear jeans. It offers a wonderful setting across the street from the Fraze Pavilion and Lincoln Park. And Park has large windows allowing for nice views of the tree-lined corridor.

Park City Club showcases Down’s take on American cuisine. The menu — which has the usual breakdown of appetizers and salads — has ample sandwiches, and entrees including comfort food options such as Chicken Pot Roast, multiple pizzas, BabyBack Ribs and Crab Mac & Cheese. My guest and I began with Gin and Shrimp Cocktail ($9.75), which consisted of six chilled and marinated shrimp. These were good, but underwhelming. Next up, I opted for the BabyBack Ribs ($22), which featured a whole slab of some of the best ribs I’ve ever had. These were real meaty and tender — cooked just right with a crisp exterior — covered in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. These came with a side of mac and cheese, made with penne pasta swimming in cheese and covered with cornbread crumbs. My guest got the Classic Burger ($11), which also garnered rave reviews with its cheddar and prosciutto atop a flavorful patty. This came with Park Potatoes, which are seasoned smaller potatoes with a crisp exterior. The food here doesn’t seem to be overthought, rather just done uniquely, yet right.

It’s hard to overstate quality on just one visit, but I was impressed with Park City Club. The place — open for both lunch and dinner — has a relaxing breezy vibe to it and the food is quite good. The restaurant was bustling on a recent pre-Christmas lunch, and I think the space has found a gem in Downs’ latest creation.